Why Commercial Office Space in Gurgaon is in High Demand by Corporations

Commercial Office Space in Gurgaon

Are you looking to relocate your office or set up a new business operation? Or, are you trying to shop for commercial offices with low rental tariffs or thinking of moving from a smaller space to a much larger one? If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, Gurgaon is the most preferred destination.

Let us see why commercial office space in Gurgaon is in high demand by both domestic and international corporations.

Gurgaon is an extremely promising real estate hub, with plenty to offer. It is an integral part of Delhi NCR (National Capital Region), and an extremely profitable investment destination for those investing in commercial properties. It has evolved as a corporate hub for scores of domestic and multinational organisations. The approach and access to Gurgaon have been greatly enhanced, thanks to the metro that connects Gurgaon to Noida and New Delhi.

Commercial Space Developers

Commercial office space in Gurgaon has received a shot in the arm thanks to commercial space developers, including DLF, which has emerged as the undisputed leader when it comes to offering commercial office spaces. DLF has a wide array of commercial properties, such as business, IT, and cyber parks. DLF Cybercity is one such glorious and splendid example of a cyber park. Some of the other major developers have also developed commercial spaces and business parks adhering to international standards at diverse locations, the result being wider choices for smaller office spaces.

Global Economic Meltdown and Commercial Property Price Correction

Commercial space in Gurgaon has witnessed a price correction after the global economic meltdown, when the demand for commercial office rentals as well as sales had nearly dried up. Several, major commercial space occupiers felt the need to cut down on costs, through job layoffs and relocation to smaller office spaces offering cheaper rentals. This was the time when the business was quite sluggish. The price correction ushered in a change and eventually created a demand for smaller commercial spaces.

Signs of Improvement but not Complete Recovery

Demands for commercial space in Gurgaon are presently demonstrating significant signs of improvement, especially when small and large corporations have begun to hire professionals, thus creating job opportunities once again. Certain, new commercial spaces have received a warm welcome with their brand-new offerings, the result being that supply of commercial spaces has out-run the demand, creating many vacant spaces. This has opened the commercial property market for investors and occupiers, offering them a wider choice, lower rentals, improved infrastructure, and upscale business addresses.

Lower Rentals

The rental tariffs for commercial spaces have hit rock-bottom, the result being that developers as well as private investors are willing to lease out their properties rather than wait and leave it unoccupied for an extended period. Some of these properties are available as fully-furnished ones. What’s more, these are ready-to-move-in spaces, which have been vacated by medium and large space occupiers. There are plenty of options for commercial spaces at MG Road, Golf Course Road, DLF Cybercity, DLF Cyber Green, Sector 32, Sector 44, South City, IMT Manesar, Sohna Road, Udyog Vihar, and NH-8 to choose from, offering excellent value for the corporation’s money.

Therefore, the commercial spaces in Gurgaon have never been more inviting and welcoming. for more details please log on to http://www.dlfcybercity.com/

Experience the Best of Gurgaon by Switching to an Office Near Rapid Metro

The world of corporate business is altering each day. The present scene demands cutting-edge infrastructure, seamless connectivity, and a future-ready, next-generation work environment. Hence, DLF is enhancing the largest integrated business district in Gurgaon across 13 million sq. ft. by making it larger and smarter. Thus, it is extremely feasible to run a business organisation in an office near rapid metro.

The brand pillars of DLF Cybercity include sustainability, customer-centricity, infrastructure, safety, and security.

When it comes to infrastructure, the highlight is the 16-lane, signal-free road that is completely integrated and successfully aligned with the swanky rapid metro route, numerous underpasses and several foot-over-bridges across large corporate and residential hub spots of Gurgaon.

The Rapid Metro is successfully connected to Delhi Metro through a common ticketing system. With a three-minute train frequency running from 6.00 am to 12.00 midnight, you couldn’t have possibly asked for anything more. However, there is more in store.

There are six operational stations that connect six towers of DLF Cybercity. The Rapid Metro eventually caters to nearly 25,000 commuters each day, with a total capacity of 1,50,000 commuters. To make things more convenient, pedestrian walkways connect each tower with the Metro Station. This state-of-the-art transport systems saves up to 80% in travelling costs per month for both employers and employees.

DLF Cybercity is all set to view an extensive facelift in terms of infrastructure that will enhance its international reputation. DLF is in the process of constructing multiple foot-over-bridges called “Cyberwalk” that stretches up to 1 km to increase and improve intermodal connectivity.

These are the only and exclusive foot-over-bridges in Asia, replete with live plantations, seating spaces, and water bodies. Each of these has a special aesthetically-appealing persona that is eventually reflected in its structure, trellis design, and colour of the floor and plantation.

What’s more, each of the Cyberwalks is readily equipped with tactile and anti-skid floors, elevators, escalators, ramps, CCTV cameras, thus adding comfort, safety and security to the lives of the workforce within Cybercity as well as its visitors.

There are several benefits to these cyberwalks. It inculcates the habit of brisk walking among the desk-bound working professionals. It also discourages commuters from eventually crossing roads that have high vehicular traffic movement. Moreover, it minimises use of vehicles for the purpose of commuting within Cybercity. Additionally, it adds spectacular and pleasing landscapes and greenery amidst a predominantly urban area. Lastly, they function as a socializing, de-stressing, and unwinding zone.

Another awestriking feature is scalable parking which can accommodate 17,000 stilt/covered car parking. Moreover, there are 3800+ surface car parks that spans across seven acres.

Therefore, if an office near rapid metro is on your mind, you should consider moving into DLF Cybercity at the earliest.for more details please log on to http://www.dlfcybercity.com/

For Cutting-Edge Office Spaces Your One-Stop Destination is Commercial Real Estate Gurgaon

Business Centre In Gurgaon
The business world is changing with each passing day. And the existing scenario demands futuristic infrastructure, effortless connectivity, and a work environment that is world class. This is precisely why DLF is enhancing the Largest Integrated Business District in the country in 13 million square feet by making it better integrated, larger, and smarter. Thus, welcome to the world of DLF Cybercity Gurgaon.

The brand pillars of the project are state-of-the-art infrastructure, sustainability, safety, security, and customer centricity. With Cybercity Gurgaon, DLF has taken commercial real estate Gurgaon to a whole new level.

When it comes to infrastructure, there are 4 sections: (1) 16-lane Expressway, (2) Rapid Metro, (3) Landscape and Cyber Walk, and (4) Scalable Parking

The 16-lane, signal-free road has witnessed the installation of VMS (Variable Message System) boards for obtaining live traffic updates, weather info, live match scores, and distance to milestones.
When it comes to the Rapid Metro, it is successfully connected to the Delhi Metro through a common ticketing system. There are in all six operational stations that connect the six Cybercity edifices.

DLF is in the process of constructing multiple foot-over-bridges termed as “CyberWalk” along a stretch of one kilometer to increase intermodal connectivity.

The benefits of the CyberWalk include inculcating of the habit of walking among working professionals who are completely desk-bound, discouraging commuters from crossing roads that have traffic movement, minimising usage of vehicles for commuting within Cybercity, adding splendid landscapes and sufficient greenery amidst an area that is predominantly urban, and functioning as a socialising and unwinding zone.

The features of Scalable Parking include 17,000 stilt / covered car parking, additional 3800+ surface car parking space that is spread across seven acres, “pink parking” for ladies and dedicated car parking for visitors and elderly individuals, fully equipped with 24x7 CCTV surveillance, and a completely flood-lit structure with completely automated access control and electronic charging system.

Commercial Office Space In Gurgaon at DLF
DLF Cybercity, which is at the heart of commercial real estate Gurgaon, gives unrivalled importance to safety. DuPont, which is the world leader when it comes to safety, is the safety adviser, partner, and auditor of DLF. What’s more, the complex is constructed as per Seismic Zone 5, while the NBC requirement is 4.

Thus, DLF Cybercity Gurgaon is a structural landmark that will set it apart from other commercial complexes in Gurgaon. For more details please log on to http://www.dlfcybercity.com/

DLF Cyberpark is the Most Preferred Choice for Office Space in Gurgaon for Rent

DLF Cyberpark offers a cutting-edge, contemporary complex that is at par with international standards. Therefore, if you are seeking office space in Gurgaon for rent, DLF Cyberpark should be your most preferred choice.

Spread across a massive 12-acre complex and located on the well-connected NH8 in Gurgaon, it is merely a 9-km drive from the international airport. A perfect combination of functionality and form, this complex is a masterpiece in its own right and offers an ideal blend of leisure and work.

The total area under development to create this massive complex stands at an astonishing 2.5 million square feet. What’s more, the complex comprises of three, distinct, exclusive inter-connected blocks. The great feature about its location is that it is situated directly opposite DLF Cybercity and Hotel Oberoi or Trident.

With a proposed foot-over-bridge from IndusInd Cybercity Metro Station, the infrastructure is all set to improve. Equipped with a LEED Platinum Certification, DLF Cyberpark is one of the world-class commercial complexes at the heart of Gurgaon, which is India’s Millennium City.

Minimum service footprint towards the façade ensures its magnificence at all times. The floor plates and building block design, which are rectangular in shape, make way for higher utilisation of space. Another feather in its cap is its flexibility to carry out operations vertically or horizontally for optimum commercial space design.

Possessing a centralised core and making way for natural light penetration, DLF Cyberpark is in a league of its own. It offers the best opportunities for office space in Gurgaon for rent.

To add to the exuberance of the complex, there are plenty of fine-dining restaurants, cafés, and ample spaces for leisure activities. Moreover, there is effective movement of business and service traffic. The grand atrium equipped with wide-lift lobbies is the crowning jewel. With 16 high-speed elevators for every block and 5 fire-staircase exit, you can see why DLF Cyberpark is coveted to such an extent.

With an exclusive toilet block and dedicated fire lift for each core, it scores high on the convenience and safety aspects. Lastly, there is a dedicated AHU room for every quadrant.
These features make DLF Cyberpark a cut above the rest. for more details please log on to http://www.dlfcybercity.com/

Head to DLF World Tech Park Office Space in Gurgaon for Rent

Business Park In Gurgaon
Business Park In Gurgaon

Top corporates and BPOs such as Genpact, IBM, ZS Associates, and WNS are already an integral part of this avant-garde superlative project, with more than 10,000 individuals working in the state-of-the-art campus.

One of the unique and one-of-its-kind concepts is the SportsHUB, which is completely operational in World Tech Park with six dedicated courts: (1) Table Tennis, (2) Badminton, (3) Basketball, (4) Lawn Tennis, (5) Volleyball, and (6) Cricket.

World Tech Park offers premium office space in Gurgaon for rent. This is due to many reasons, which include the fact that Tower A is LEED Platinum certified by US Green Building Council. Another feather in the illustrious cap of DLF World Tech Park is that it is the sole completely-integrated workspace on NH8, Gurgaon.

The splendid park includes enough space for IT SEZ, movie theatres, shopping malls, and commercial complexes. What’s more, the entire project is well connected through Huda metro station and road. The icing on the cake is that hotels, hospitals, and entertainment hubs lie in close proximity.
There is no dearth of green spaces, with more than 1800 trees planted in and around the complex. To top it all, there are well-integrated retail and recreational spaces.

There is something in store for the foodies, too, in the form an expansive food court with extensive multi-cuisine offerings.

When it comes to safety and security, nearly 1200 CCTV cameras are installed with 24x7 monitoring through a central control room. To meet its energy requirements, World Tech Park has 25 MW gas-based captive power plant.

Regarding infrastructure, there are superbly-illuminated internal roads. For ease in operations, completion certificate and building approvals are in place. Another mind-boggling feature is that World Tech Park offers visitor parking for up to 200 cars and 100 two-wheelers. It is interesting to note that the childcare facility is operational by Ipsaa.

Therefore, if you are seeking office space in Gurgaon for rent, DLF’s World Tech Park should be first on your mind. For more details about Commercial Office Space For Rent, please log on to http://www.dlfcybercity.com/gateway-tower-overview.aspx

DLF Cybercity – The Largest Office Spaces In Gurugram For Rent

Office Space In Gurugram For Rent
Office Space In Gurugram For Rent

Gurugram has long been a destination of choice for multinationals. It is centrally located, well connected and cost effective. Now, a fourth factor has further tilted the equation in Gurugram’s favour. It’s called the DLF Cybercity.
At DLF Cybercity, they have clearly understood that sprawl never goes out of fashion. The campus is spread horizontally, as much as vertically, liberating one of the largest office spaces in Gurugram for rent, in terms of capacity and floor area. But we didn’t progress to the 21st century to do simple maths! DLF Cybercity is here to redefine completely what an average workday might look like.
Long gone are the days when lives were led in silos. Orthodoxies of a bygone era meant almost dictatorial workplace control, which led to demotivated, unproductive workers who couldn’t wait to get home and to their preferred sources of entertainment. The modern economy, with its rising costs, has put worker productivity back above all else. This doesn’t mean just putting in a stipulated number of hours, but the capacity to innovate and create. And neither of those things are possible, unless individuals are given the room to relax, and to unfurl their creativity.
DLF Cybercity is built with the needs of this modern workplace warrior in mind. Beneath the glitter, there are thoughtful touches to make a day at work a pleasurable experience. There is availability of a creche, so working parents don’t have to worry about child care. Medical services are at hand too, so you’re never really far from a helping hand, in any kind of emergency. Don’t think any other office space in Gurugram for rent can boast of such value added features.
The pursuit of excellence even continues when you step outside. Winding walkways cut a swathe right through the beautiful landscapes that fills empty spaces here. The greenery is more than a mood enhancer. It also doubles up as a secondary fire safety measure, providing large clearances between buildings that act as a buffer and potential refuge areas, in case of emergencies.
The more regular emergencies, of the epicurean kind, can be tackled with a trip to the DLF Cybercity’s food court, where foodies are greeted by a cornucopia of eating options. Whether it’s fine dining you prefer, or just good old fast food, it’s all right there in front of you. And not just the food, but the retail options are quite numerous too! By virtue of DLF Cybercity’s central location in Gurugram, it has led to some of the biggest brands setting up shop here, all jostling for the shoppers’ attention.
Offices in DLF Cybercity
Attention of people, however, is easy to grab, but difficult to keep. This is why DLF Cybercity scores so highly, when compared to other workplaces. Here, we are meeting all the essential needs of people, so that while they are DLF Cybercity, they have complete control over their time and space. And when people do feel in control, they automatically calm down, and begin to focus much better on the bigger, more important tasks at hand – the ones about creating and innovating. for more information on DLF Cybercity please visit at http://www.dlfcybercity.com/ 

You Need Not Look Further than DLF Cybercity for Office Space in Gurgaon for Rent

From the start of the present decade, which was the year 2010, there has been an aura of positivity for India’s property market. The demand for properties experienced a slowdown that was short-lived because of the global economic recession in 2009. During that year, there were many postponements and cancellations of projects.

The commercial spaces for offices suffered a lower demand in comparison with residential projects during that year of economic slump. However, from the year 2010, the demand for office space in Gurgaon for rent is rising with a simultaneous increase in the cost price of both properties and rentals. DLF Cybercity Gurgaon is one such commercial complex. Real estate experts opine that the market boom post the global economic meltdown is the prime reason for the extremely high demand for office spaces in cities such as Gurgaon.

Major market sectors that include manufacturing companies, pharma companies, and financial institutions have contributed tremendously to the revival of demand for office space in DLF Cybercity. Additionally, growth in the IT/ITeS sector has been phenomenal in the present decade, further increasing the demand for commercial spaces, which have been fulfilled by DLF Cybercity.

Thanks to a large number of entrepreneurs and manufacturers entering the Gurgaon property market as well as seamless connectivity through excellent metro trains and roads, the demand is always going to spiral upwards, be it DLF Cybercity or any other commercial complex. This ever-increasing growth is sure to occupy major properties in the realty market for towers, business centres, with both affordable and premium spaces to rent out, with DLF Cybercity promising to be the most preferred choice.

Investors are arriving in large numbers in DLF Cybercity to avail lucrative commercial projects, which are predominantly being launched in pre-planned phases. That said, once launched, these phases are expected to be in major demand.

With the need for affordable office space in Gurgaon for rent, there are major real estate developers, including DLF, who are catering to this need. There has been launch of both high-end and affordable office and commercial spaces in different locations in Gurgaon.

However, DLF Cybercity is in a league of its own when it comes to high-end commercial spaces for rent. To know more about please log on to http://www.dlfcybercity.com/

Why Commercial Office Space in Gurgaon is in High Demand by Corporations

Commercial Office Space in Gurgaon Are you looking to relocate your office or set up a new business operation? Or, are you trying t...