How Do Firms Choose their Corporate Real Estate?

Looking For Office Space For Lease 

As the Indian economy surges ahead and serves as a lodestar for global economic growth, an increasing number of international companies are either entering the country or expanding existing operations to further root themselves deeper for larger operations. Other than dealing with issues such as complex regulations, socio-economic diversity, one of the key challenges faced by growing corporations is finding suitable office space for lease.  

Though businesses at times focus and rightly so, at their core competencies while analyzing expansion strategies, quality real estate has a direct impact on the productivity of firms. Firms that have a high degree of client interface such as banks, consulting set ups, legal advisories , marketing organisations et al. create first impressions by the location and aesthetics of their real estate.  First impressions can be a very powerful tool in the world of commerce-as the adage goes “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

Companies naturally tilt towards the major metro cities of the NCR (National Capital Region), Mumbai and Bangalore for their corporate base in India. Whilst companies that are aligned towards IT gravitate towards Bangalore, firms businesses aligned towards finance move to Mumbai. The NCR acts as a major attraction for nearly all firms as it provides proximity to the Government that helps with approvals, sanctions for day to day operations and policy making, legislation as well as thought leadership in the larger context.

Within the NCR, Gurugram has emerged as the top destination for real estate especially office space for lease. With easy connectivity to Delhi, great transport infrastructure, residential options for all income levels and world class office developments, there remains little doubt on the ascension of Gurugram as the leading urban centre for corporate occupiers.

Within Gurugram, DLF Cybercity; essentially a collection of high quality office buildings supported by world class infrastructure acts as the Central Business District (CBD) for the commercial office market. Most companies looking for office space for lease begin their search with DLF Cybercity or most definitely consider options there.

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Drivers of Commercial Office Space in Gurugram

Commercial Office Space in Gurugram

Commercial office space requirements have undergone a sea change globally over the last decade. From office spaces typically being large boxy plans with well-defined work spaces based on hierarchy or function, office zoning has radically moved to agile layouts based more on activity and economy of design. Even cash rich corporates now focus on productivity and value generated per square feet rather than looking at real estate occupation as a mere operational cost.

Taking cue, inquiries of commercial office spaces in Gurugram also reflect these changing times. Corporates, now, are moving towards rationalizing real estate costs, exploring options to consolidate operations and even outsourcing real estate occupancy. Many large sized transactions in the realm of commercial office space in Gurugram have taken place as a consequence of corporate occupiers consolidating scattered offices into one unit at one location. This helps in reducing operational costs attributable to rent, logistics and administration by synergizing all functions in one development rather than having the same function being repeated across different locations or geographies.

The wave of the open space office model that was once de rigeur and seen as an evolution from the traditional hierarchy based office model has given way to the concept of the hybrid, agile office layout. This latest trend espouses allocation of work space in accordance with activity undertaken rather than function or hierarchy. The idea is to have dedicated spaces for all kinds of activities that happen in a work environment. Fundamentally, the concept wishes to bind the collaborative energy of an open work space with the high productivity and focus fostered by a compartmentalized traditional office layout. The best example of this concept is witnessed in co-working spaces. Planned with open, seamless seating, these facilities have dedicated quiet zones for focused thoughtful work and meetings/engagements.

Furthermore, corporates looking for corporate office space in Gurugram for short or medium time periods are increasingly looking at taking a large number of seats at negotiated rates with co-working concepts rather than investing in vanilla spaces. Though at a nascent stage, this model is being considered for long term space take ups as well as it helps companies reduce administration and capital expenditure costs.

All in all the age of flexible work space solutions has dawned and the market for commercial office in Gurugram is following suit. For more details please log on to .

Business Centres in Gurugram: An Unravelling Saga

Business centres in Gurugram

Business centres in Gurugram have traditionally been real estate spaces promoted by the hotel industry or international business centre chains  or developed in house by select real estate developers. These have conventionally been viewed upon as extensions of the traditional office set up. Though billed on a per seat basis, the design, layout and infrastructure is reminiscent of the traditional corporate office with clearly sequestered rooms according to functions. The story had been progressing well with strong demand till the co-working juggernaut emerged as a major industry disruptor.

The co-working phenomenon has compelled the traditional business centre industry to introspect and re-assess its business model. On the surface of things what hits the average Jo is the “cool” quotient of co-working spaces. Looking more like cafes, they provide a vibrant and youthful environment that makes work look like fun. They dovetail well with the global entrepreneurial movement of start-ups, what with a new one spawning almost every day. The image of formal offices with staff in stifling office wear has given way to an air of informality with people in colorful, casual wear defying all established norms of work ethos. The focus is simply on the most important aspect-doing their  jobs, without any of the associated fuss of office work.

It was only a matter of time before this trend hit the market of business centres in Gurugram. Established players like the business centre chains have had to reorganize and regroup. They have amended their pitch to clients by trying to consolidate their position with existing clients and focusing on the value that they have added to their businesses. They have gone out on a limb to attract corporate tenants by offering to lease spaces directly from landlords and manage the day to day operations in response for space pre-commitments.  Co- working operators at their end have been aggressively expanding in and around prime CBD areas in their bid to establish presence and gather eyeballs.

Hence the gauntlet has been thrown, the knives sharpened and the bugle sounded! Regardless of which side survives this duel, one thing remains destined; the consumer, in this case the real estate occupier, is sure to emerge as a winner. For more details about DLF Cybercity, please log on to .

Office Space in Gurgaon for Rent Look No Further than DLF World Tech Park

Office Space in DLF World Tech Park, Gurgaon

With an ideal location on NH-8 in Gurgaon, DLF World Tech Park is an integrated Special Economic Zone (SEZ) that is spread across an area of 19.42 lakh square feet. It is quickly emerging as a destination of choice for large corporate houses in Gurgaon.

Top corporates such as IBM, WNS, ZS Associates, and Genpact have already established their presence in this avant-garde project, with more than 10,000 employees working in the campus.
When it comes to futuristic office space in Gurgaon for rent, you need not look beyond DLF World Tech Park.

SportsHub is your ultimate sports destination and is now fully operational in World Tech Park with six dedicated courts for sports such as badminton, cricket, lawn tennis, table tennis, basketball, and volleyball. Therefore, you won’t find excuses for not staying active despite working in an environment which requires you to be sitting most of the time.

There are several key highlights when it comes to this one-of-its-kind SEZ in Gurgaon.

To begin with, Tower A is LEED-Platinum certified by US Green Building Council. Moreover, DLF World Tech Park is the sole integrated workspace on NH-8, Gurgaon. The IT SEZ complex is replete with shopping malls, cinema halls, and a state-of-the-art commercial complex.

When it comes to connectivity, it is well connected via road and the Huda City metro station. To top it all, entertainment hubs, hotels, and hospitals lie in close vicinity. What’s more, with more than 1,800 trees planted in and around the complex, there is no shortage of greenery.

Additionally, there are integrated recreational and retail spaces. For all you foodies out there, there is plenty to cheer about thanks to the expansive food court offering multi-cuisine delicacies.

When it comes to security, 1,200 CCTVs have been installed at various locations with 24x7 surveillance and monitoring through the CCTV control room. In addition, there are well-illuminated internal roads.

When it comes to power and energy, a 25 MW gas-based captive power plant is in place. There is a car-parking facility for 200 cars and 100 two-wheelers. Lastly, there is a dedicated child-care facility, which is operated by Ipsaa.

DLF Cybercity Gurgaon
Thus, World Tech Park offers the best office space in Gurgaon for rent. For more details please log on to

Improve The Quality Of Life All Around Only At DLF Cybercity Gurgaon

DLF Cybercity Gurgaon

DLF has laid to rest conventional wisdom, which dictated that offices, retail outlets and entertainment destinations must be separated. But the only result of this was increased travel time and inconvenience. Instead of focussed activity, these buildings became hotbeds of inefficiency.

With DLF Cybercity Gurgaon, the paradigm is shifting.  DLF’s renewed creative thrust matched the unparalleled urban development and the transformation of Gurgaon into North India’s primary IT centre. There was growing demand for office space, driven largely by multinationals, as well indigenous tech champions.

DLF Cybercity was the answer to the challenge of creating 21st century ready workspaces. Its luxuries are designed to minimize our carbon footprint on the planet. Every luxury doubles up also as an innovation. The wide open windows are designed to allow maximum natural light and lower electricity costs. The wide landscaped outdoors also double up as a fire safety feature!

Real productivity is possible only when people can pursue their happiness. That was the idea behind DLF’s integrated approach to designing and constructing DLF Cybercity Gurgaon. Not only did it improve the quality of life all around, it also makes great economic sense. The masses of employees working here also double up as potential customers, visiting everyday. It becomes an almost de-facto guarantee of footfalls at retail and entertainment outlets.

The biggest brands and food franchises can see that, at DLF Cybercity, there has been an earnest effort to accommodate a visitor’s entire world. Which is why they have chosen to set up shop here. DLF also provides added facilities like creches and medical facilities.

To win again is hard. But DLF at least has a winning recipe at hand. It’s the simplest ingredients that make the most lasting impression – quality, reliability, accessibility and availability. Most companies manage to tick only a few of these boxes. Their compromises can be chalked down to transient short-term attempts at boosting their bottomline, which doesn’t win them any loyalty. 

At DLF, we have created a customer base, that starts with the satisfied individual walking through the corridors, to large corporations, who come here to plan and build the future. For more information on Office space in DLF Cybercity Gurgaon please log on to .

Why Commercial Office Space in Gurgaon is in High Demand by Corporations

Commercial Office Space in Gurgaon

Are you looking to relocate your office or set up a new business operation? Or, are you trying to shop for commercial offices with low rental tariffs or thinking of moving from a smaller space to a much larger one? If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, Gurgaon is the most preferred destination.

Let us see why commercial office space in Gurgaon is in high demand by both domestic and international corporations.

Gurgaon is an extremely promising real estate hub, with plenty to offer. It is an integral part of Delhi NCR (National Capital Region), and an extremely profitable investment destination for those investing in commercial properties. It has evolved as a corporate hub for scores of domestic and multinational organisations. The approach and access to Gurgaon have been greatly enhanced, thanks to the metro that connects Gurgaon to Noida and New Delhi.

Commercial Space Developers

Commercial office space in Gurgaon has received a shot in the arm thanks to commercial space developers, including DLF, which has emerged as the undisputed leader when it comes to offering commercial office spaces. DLF has a wide array of commercial properties, such as business, IT, and cyber parks. DLF Cybercity is one such glorious and splendid example of a cyber park. Some of the other major developers have also developed commercial spaces and business parks adhering to international standards at diverse locations, the result being wider choices for smaller office spaces.

Global Economic Meltdown and Commercial Property Price Correction

Commercial space in Gurgaon has witnessed a price correction after the global economic meltdown, when the demand for commercial office rentals as well as sales had nearly dried up. Several, major commercial space occupiers felt the need to cut down on costs, through job layoffs and relocation to smaller office spaces offering cheaper rentals. This was the time when the business was quite sluggish. The price correction ushered in a change and eventually created a demand for smaller commercial spaces.

Signs of Improvement but not Complete Recovery

Demands for commercial space in Gurgaon are presently demonstrating significant signs of improvement, especially when small and large corporations have begun to hire professionals, thus creating job opportunities once again. Certain, new commercial spaces have received a warm welcome with their brand-new offerings, the result being that supply of commercial spaces has out-run the demand, creating many vacant spaces. This has opened the commercial property market for investors and occupiers, offering them a wider choice, lower rentals, improved infrastructure, and upscale business addresses.

Lower Rentals

The rental tariffs for commercial spaces have hit rock-bottom, the result being that developers as well as private investors are willing to lease out their properties rather than wait and leave it unoccupied for an extended period. Some of these properties are available as fully-furnished ones. What’s more, these are ready-to-move-in spaces, which have been vacated by medium and large space occupiers. There are plenty of options for commercial spaces at MG Road, Golf Course Road, DLF Cybercity, DLF Cyber Green, Sector 32, Sector 44, South City, IMT Manesar, Sohna Road, Udyog Vihar, and NH-8 to choose from, offering excellent value for the corporation’s money.

Therefore, the commercial spaces in Gurgaon have never been more inviting and welcoming. for more details please log on to

Experience the Best of Gurgaon by Switching to an Office Near Rapid Metro

The world of corporate business is altering each day. The present scene demands cutting-edge infrastructure, seamless connectivity, and a future-ready, next-generation work environment. Hence, DLF is enhancing the largest integrated business district in Gurgaon across 13 million sq. ft. by making it larger and smarter. Thus, it is extremely feasible to run a business organisation in an office near rapid metro.

The brand pillars of DLF Cybercity include sustainability, customer-centricity, infrastructure, safety, and security.

When it comes to infrastructure, the highlight is the 16-lane, signal-free road that is completely integrated and successfully aligned with the swanky rapid metro route, numerous underpasses and several foot-over-bridges across large corporate and residential hub spots of Gurgaon.

The Rapid Metro is successfully connected to Delhi Metro through a common ticketing system. With a three-minute train frequency running from 6.00 am to 12.00 midnight, you couldn’t have possibly asked for anything more. However, there is more in store.

There are six operational stations that connect six towers of DLF Cybercity. The Rapid Metro eventually caters to nearly 25,000 commuters each day, with a total capacity of 1,50,000 commuters. To make things more convenient, pedestrian walkways connect each tower with the Metro Station. This state-of-the-art transport systems saves up to 80% in travelling costs per month for both employers and employees.

DLF Cybercity is all set to view an extensive facelift in terms of infrastructure that will enhance its international reputation. DLF is in the process of constructing multiple foot-over-bridges called “Cyberwalk” that stretches up to 1 km to increase and improve intermodal connectivity.

These are the only and exclusive foot-over-bridges in Asia, replete with live plantations, seating spaces, and water bodies. Each of these has a special aesthetically-appealing persona that is eventually reflected in its structure, trellis design, and colour of the floor and plantation.

What’s more, each of the Cyberwalks is readily equipped with tactile and anti-skid floors, elevators, escalators, ramps, CCTV cameras, thus adding comfort, safety and security to the lives of the workforce within Cybercity as well as its visitors.

There are several benefits to these cyberwalks. It inculcates the habit of brisk walking among the desk-bound working professionals. It also discourages commuters from eventually crossing roads that have high vehicular traffic movement. Moreover, it minimises use of vehicles for the purpose of commuting within Cybercity. Additionally, it adds spectacular and pleasing landscapes and greenery amidst a predominantly urban area. Lastly, they function as a socializing, de-stressing, and unwinding zone.

Another awestriking feature is scalable parking which can accommodate 17,000 stilt/covered car parking. Moreover, there are 3800+ surface car parks that spans across seven acres.

Therefore, if an office near rapid metro is on your mind, you should consider moving into DLF Cybercity at the earliest.for more details please log on to

How Do Firms Choose their Corporate Real Estate?

Looking For Office Space For Lease   As the Indian economy surges ahead and serves as a lodestar for global economic growth, an incre...